Peevish's 19th performance, June 28, 2003
The Jasmine Tree, Portland, Oregon. With Improvisatyrs, Sleight,
and Sleeping With the Earth.

Nothing Contributes so Much to Tranquillize the Mind as a Steady Purpose
Steve, Spencer, Wilson, Taylor, Brian, Craig
- eating dinner, contact mics

And a Voice Whose Varied Intonations Are Soul-Subduing Music
- oscillator, bicycle wheel, lap steel
Taylor - assistant

Mocking the Invisible World With its Own Shadows
- toy horn
Brian - homemade reed pipe
Craig - broken Casio saxophone
Taylor - trumpet
Steve - alto saxophone
The whole multi-horn thing is burnt out

What Can Stop the Determined Heart and Resolved Will of Man?
- monkey pod lute
Craig - lap steel
Brian - mandolin
Taylor - violin
Spencer - puppets

I Now Hasten to the More Moving Part of the Story
Wilson, Craig
- cheerleading chants
Spencer - musical accompaniment


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